Learn to Sail

While many sailing programs in the area focus on racing, we find that most of our clients are primarily interested in cruising.  Some have gone on to achieve certifications for bare-boat chartering in the Mediterranean or Caribbean.  Others have purchased large sailboats of their own for cruising with family and friends.  You will gain proficiency and confidence in many areas:

- Terminology – the language of sailing

- Marlinspike – knots, hitches, bends commonly used in boating

- Handling under power & in tight quarters – usually the most nerve wracking part of boating

- Boat systems – how does the “head” work?  Care & feeding of a diesel engine.

- Sail handling – upwind, downwind, across the wind, reefing, optimizing sail trim

- Safety – Rules of the road, weather, heavy weather tactics, man-overboard retrieval

- Coastal navigation

And if you want to do some racing, we can do that too.

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