Alumni Wall of Fame

I hear the same story very frequently...

"I think sailing would be awesome and would like to have my own boat one day, maybe live aboard."

Here are some of the folks who started sailing with me and now have their own boats.

Russell - Jeanneau 37

During summertime business slowdown, a very clever fellow took full advantage to share adventures with his family. After taking a couple of sailing classes he hardened his plan to find the right boat. He found a budget friendly, used Jeanneau 37 with beautiful teak interior, a large cockpit and tons of space for everyone. He's been out on it every week since. "It's one of the best decisions I've ever made!"

Don - Macgregor26X

Don got an inexpensive low-maintenance boat that his family & friends can have fun with. I see a lot of boat camping in his future this summer.

Jerry - Jeanneau 349

After taking sailing lessons and reinforcing his desire do to some traveling via sailboat, Jerry searched patiently for several years to find a boat that he and his family would enjoy. He wanted a newer, modern boat requiring few "projects" and enough room for everyone to be comfortable cruising for several days.

Scott - Sabre 362

Scott is a veteran Flying Scott sailor and local club instructor. Looking to step-up, he took the ASA101/103 combo course and confirmed he was ready for a big boy boat. He settled on a stately Sabre 362 with gorgeous cherry interior.

Dave - 99 Catalina 34 MKII

Dave started sailing on an inexpensive Catalina 25. After a couple of seasons he outgrew it and moved up to a Catalina 34 MKII. He is keeping his eye out for a nice blue water boat that he can keep in FL for winter live-aboard.



Greg & Melissa - Hallburg-Rassy Monsun 31

Greg & Melissa live very busy lives and were intrigued by stories of folks who live more simply, near the water.  After getting their ASA Basic Keelboat certification and getting an overview of boat types at our local marina, they went on a search for a boat of their own.  When they found a vintage Hallberg-Rassy they knew it was the one.  HR is renowned for building beautiful, traditional boats designed for the North Sea.  They spent the winter updating it and have recently launched in Lake Erie.  I can't wait to hear their next chapter.


Their next chapter...

Since earning their ASA certifications and purchasing their HR31, there has been lots of summer sailing on Lake Erie and boat projects over the winter. Because of their ambitions to sail offshore they figured they should try it with an experienced Skipper first.  So they signed on to support a non-profit (Ocean Research Project) to get a taste of an offshore trip. They sailed from St Thomas to Annapolis on a Freya 39.  About 1400nm and 11 days on the water.  They absolutely fell in love with passage making and have since decided to set out this summer from Toledo Beach Marina to Annapolis and further out to the Caribbean.


Gary - Benneteau 321

Gary had sailing on his bucket list; he dove in deep. A week after taking a 3-day ASA101/103 combo course, he sent me a txt message, "I'm on Mackinac Island!" Later that summer, he went down the Detroit River, across Lake Erie, through the Erie Canal, down the Hudson River, overnight on the Atlantic Ocean from NYC to Atlantic City, NJ, and then down through the Intercoastal Waterway before stopping in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The picture was taken at Erie Canal lock 15 in Fort Plain, NY.

Angelica and Paul - Morgan 382

Angelica and Paul were "Born to be Nomadic".  After taking sailing lessons, they decided to trade-up from RV life to livaboard cruising. After a long boat search they finally acquired the Sea Angel, a Morgan 382 designed by Ted Brewer.